viyyer (viyyer) wrote,

Couple of unforgettable months

I had move to this place with no idea what i had to deal with. though with some experience of wilderness. I am really happy with the developments. I did find Broadband connection thanks to friends here . I was also filling in for a friend to continue a coaching institute. Teaching is an experience worth having. Being A TM teacher, I could really see TM being very useful in making children learn faster and also become more rounded.
I am here in Gadasarai . here are a few pictures. That's me.

Yeah, I do feel bad having lost a few friends in Mumbai. My intention was to spread the work I do , Both Technology and TM, far and wide .
I am hoping to reach NCR at the earliest. and try and make best use of my admission into MUM and join it by next January.
Tags: far away from the madding crowd
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