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Ubuntu moving from Hardy to jaunty issues on my laptop

I decided to make my life more exciting. I decided to move from Hardy to Jaunty. Ubuntu Hardy is really rock solid. My decision to move to Jaunty was just an impulse. intially. it seemed all good. I tried out the live CD and everything seemed to be fine. Naturally I did not try skype on live CD but the audio recorder seemed to detect my microphone and recorded alright.
Took the dive , Installer is really streamlined . I think this is one of the most simplified installers on OS worlds.  All worked fine. interesting thing is I don't need to separately compile my Free Software wireless drivers. 
Now reboot looked alright.  Calling my friend on skype, and something was wrong, I could hear him but he could not . I checked on the gnome sound recorder, and it recorded my voice fine. but skype did not like my sound settings at all.
A little google brought me to these couple of links

The second link --> informed me about the caveats of using skype.
caveat 1: skype doesn't like to use pulseaudio, so you should still
choose the "alsaboost" device for its SoundIn configuration, but you can
use "pulse" for its SoundOut and Ringing. This seems to be a deficiency
in skype, and the side-effect is that while skype is in a call, you
won't be able to use the mic in a different application like gnome's
Hopefully Skype improves the support of linux sound devices especially with pulseaudio allowing a greater interopeability with all sound applications in linux.
mumbai fresh

Couple of unforgettable months

I had move to this place with no idea what i had to deal with. though with some experience of wilderness. I am really happy with the developments. I did find Broadband connection thanks to friends here . I was also filling in for a friend to continue a coaching institute. Teaching is an experience worth having. Being A TM teacher, I could really see TM being very useful in making children learn faster and also become more rounded.
I am here in Gadasarai . here are a few pictures. That's me.

Yeah, I do feel bad having lost a few friends in Mumbai. My intention was to spread the work I do , Both Technology and TM, far and wide .
I am hoping to reach NCR at the earliest. and try and make best use of my admission into MUM and join it by next January.
mumbai fresh

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Just getting kinda started in Mumbai. Just kinda settling.

My experience of Mumbai this time is that. When it rains in Mumbai it really really pours. and pours and pours. and once in a while does get back to drizzling. and that's when you venture out.

I have not really seen broad daylight for sometime now.
mumbai fresh

Real Localization(Lost in Context)

I have been thinking about Localization since long time. The problem with localization is fact that we are trying to fit some other language on top of something which was written for some other language and a completely different context. I have been thinking for quite sometime. who does someone who will use computer for the first time need to learn english or the english context.

why should the first dialog on the menu be called file or फ़ाईल ?

why should we look at desktop and call it डेस्कटाप?

if at all this is to suffice the people who will anyways learn computers in hinglish why use hinglish ?

Are we not lost in context to try using american computers in india or in somewhere which don't speak english only using the same language. I am not saying that we fight this for pride or patriotism or the sense of heritage. I think there is a great deal of sense in doing this as we are loosing a great talent pool. Esp with reducing prices as the key.  programming in indian languages could really be the key. I think hindawi in it's polished states will be very useful. I think many languages might evolve to that extent. I envision education system and the whole hierarchy is badly broken. I think this seems a great thing to try.

Why do people use computers? There is *work* the endless tyranny of *productivity* and financial tools. And ofcourse there is the timepass , music, videos and of course.  The formers are a bit localized and it's still work under progress. The latters are very very important. Computers wouldn't have come this far had it not been for the chess engines running on it.
just off the track remembered how the voting machine was converted into a chess board by the CCC group to prove that electronic voting is dangerous.
Coming back to the point, I really believe that game need to be localized not just the sounds and the strings but the whole freaking context. India needs it's own gaming industry. If not atleast small players providing ability to play many of the traditional games. I understand sudoku is fun. There is vast majority of games which are waiting to be ported to the computer.
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Translation of error messages in to hindi

after night out translating gnomebaker (serious time sink).

thanks to oldmonk for shabdkosh.

here are some error messages translated in hindi ( slightly obscure ;-) )

(Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
पढ्ने मे गलति: १०४ (दोस्त ने नाता तोड दिया)
(Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
पढ्ने मे गलति: ११० (रिश्ते क अवसर दूर)
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