viyyer (viyyer) wrote,

Yam Gatha

Saw this play named यम गाथा(yam gaatha).
I talked about the period of tyranny of Indra, Kshatriya and Brahmanas, the struggle of Pururva and Vashishta to save humanity from it and the resulting conflict. I liked the ironical touches at the end.

From where I started seeing it, Pururva denies being throned as a king by the vedic rites which ask him to sacrifice fire,water and sacred grass to indra.

Indra tries to take in control the breeding coup. He first tries to lure vashishta of insserting his quotating into rik veda which vashishta denies, then takes vashishta as prisoner.

But this doesn't stop pururva of making world rid of the indra's domination. Pururva comes to Indra's court, and releases urvashi from indra and betroths her. Indra is now really infuriated and orders revenge to retrieve back fire and take in control pururva.
Indra takes back control of the universeas , kill urvashi's son and beheads pururva in a purushmedh yagna, but has lost confidence from his subjects. Then he is adviced to publish vashishta treatise यम गाथा in the next chapter of rik veda.
Tags: theatre review
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