October 9th, 2006

mumbai fresh

soccer, exercise and meetups.(how did I forget carroms)

Srijan's always been this place you see. (try somewhere in the lines of zaphod's psychologist. ) When it comes to executing the biggest projects and Developing anddelivering great interfaces and systems.

But when you look at the other side a bunch of people who sit in front of computer. so you really think they score goals( hey I mean no the hypothetical ones .. this is real soccer goals)

last three weeks we have been playing soccer every sunday morning. ( I would prefer not to say early :-) )

Soccer was decided after Raj said cricket is too lazy to bring lazy people together. soccer makes more sense.

Ah well cool.. Addy arranged the opposition team. I have been the sceptic but optimistic . weekone..

Great response..Ball was ready. so was the ground the small one behind Maharaja Agrasen College and the team arranged by Addy. The srijan team assembled comprised of Rahul, Raj, Saurabh and Vivek(AKA viyyer).

The initial games were fun. There was great dynamics. Raj and Rahul jelling well. Most of opposition still scared of Rahul entering the forward line. we won the first one .. almost won the second one.. but lost at the end with Raj incurring injuries on his toe.

It was ceremoniously concluded with eating Dosas, vadas and idlies at the sunday shop opposite to Guruvayur temple.

Week two.

Ritesh was really keen for this Sunday. Ritesh comes in from the other end of the city. and MAry said yes too.. unfortunately many other were to be missing with a long weekend around.

and Addy had a stronger team ready now.

and we decided to play on the length of the field. That was tiresome.

The team comprised of Rahul (the dangerous frontline), ritesh ( moving fast and strong),mary( conserving energy), Ravi( a bit late but mostly at defence).

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