viyyer (viyyer) wrote,

Amarkantak and makeover ;-)

back from Amarkantak an hill station in the middle of nowhere. I went there assuming to help setting up GPRS internet on guruji's laptop. and possibly bootstrap a basic set of hindi language based softwares. anyways, had a good time trekking and looking at a lot of herbs(jadi booti). The tribal population has a great amount of knowledge of this and even better is that. Amarkantak being a part of maikala range of mountains and having a great water source ( Narmada and Son start here and just found out that Mahanadi and a early tributary of godavari also starts here.) means that a lot of very interesting and different vegetation grows there.

p.s. one news everyone has been looking ay is me ;-) (yes I've taken off all my hair(ganja :-D))
Tags: amarkantak trip
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