viyyer (viyyer) wrote,

meningitis and its symptoms...

with all the scare around Meningitis.. It's a bit scary but it's also a bit funny. Wikipedia says symptoms of meningitis as

The classical symptoms of meningitis are headache, neck stiffness and photophobia (the trio are called "meningism"). (source: ) This seems a bit too generic esp for the start of summer. To tell you the truth, I think I have it all.

Well it almost goes to say like
"I will not take up your time, dear boy, with telling you what is the matter with me. Life is brief, and you might pass away before I had finished. But I will tell you what is not the matter with me. I have not got housemaid's knee. Why I have not got housemaid's knee, I cannot tell you; but the fact remains that I have not got it. Everything else, however, I have got." As Jerome K. Jerome says in "Three Men in a Boat "
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